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Coil Whine

Coil whine is a sound that occurs when too much power passes through an electronic component. While this doesn't usually indicate damage, it does cause some of your computer components to vibrate.

It can be particularly irritating if you have other people in your home or office, so investing in sound-blocking headphones is a wise move. While they won't completely eliminate coil whine, they will make it less noticeable.

Coil whine is a common issue with gaming GPUs and power supplies, although it doesn't occur every time. You may hear it during loading screens or between scenes in games when framerates are uncapped (even when V-Sync is disabled).

The level of coil whine varies depending on the load. A simple web browser doesn't produce much noise at all, while playing a video game with high settings produces an audible difference.

There are several methods to reduce coil whine, though none of them guarantee 100% success. The simplest solution is buying a graphics card or power supply from a manufacturer who covers coil whine under their warranty - especially brands like EVGA which have longstanding policies regarding this issue.

Another method for decreasing coil whine is turning on V-Sync in-game. This helps synchronize the FPS of a game with that of your monitor, drastically reducing noise levels.

However, this could result in decreased performance and your coil may not be as efficient as desired. You could try waiting a few days to see if the whine goes away on its own.

Other methods to reduce coil whine include using a high-speed fan or getting a cooler PC. While these won't solve the issue completely, they can improve CPU efficiency.

Finally, if you're in the market for a new computer, consider investing in a case designed to dampen noise. This can help eliminate annoying sounds like coil whine and other computer noises.


Viruses are the smallest parasites known, composed of short sequences of nucleic acid (ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid). The genetic material can take the form of single-stranded RNA or double-stranded DNA depending on its species and type. Viral genomes reside inside a protein shell known as a capsid, which interacts with cellular membrane to allow infection by the virus into its host cell.

Viral particles, no matter their size, have the power to infect and kill a wide range of cells. They can spread via airborne particles, direct contact with animals (zoonosis), clothing, insect bites or direct contact with other animals.

Though each virus' shape, structure and genome differs, they all share a common trait: they infect cells and reproduce by hijacking the machinery of an infected cell to make more viruses that they release from within and spread through its membrane - this cycle of infection is known as replication.

Due to their size, viruses can evade detection by the immune system and remain undetected for extended periods of time, even in the presence of antiviral drugs and other protective measures. Furthermore, viruses have an extended shelf-life in nature and may be able to travel long distances, making them difficult to contain in nature.

Studies have reshaped our perspective of viruses as agents of disease. For example, many virologists now view viruses as nonliving parasites that depend on host cells to function.

Viral infections require energy from their hosts in order to grow and reproduce; without it, they will cease existing before their host can provide it.

As such, viruses rely on their hosts for everything from nucleic acid synthesis to proteins and other biochemical activities that allow them to multiply and spread. This dependence gives viruses the power to cause diseases, regulate body functions and even control growth rates within humans.